First Responders for Severe Weather
Monitor 146.760 MHz. - The Radio Home of the Weather Net

Weather spotters are encouraged to attend basic and advanced spotter training at least every other year.  The National Weather Service conducts training in many Ohio counties each spring usually in cooperation with county emergency management agencies.  This provides the basis for skills necessary to be an effective weather spotter.

Communication skills are important as well.  The most important communication skill is listening.  Words not spoken provide valuable airtime to those with a need to communicate.  Listening also provides information that can keep you safe during an active weather event.

Radio procedures require that a spotters understand how a directed communication net operates and their responsibility to adhere to standard guidelines. 

In the training section of the web site we’ll discuss the importance of weather spotter training, communication tips and radio procedures.


Do you need to be NWS trained to participate with COSWN?   We prefer that you take the NWS training as that will set a baseline with us on your knowledge.  If you haven’t taken training yet join us on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM on 146.760 MHz. and check-in during our readiness check.  Read the Radio Procedure section under training.  That will give you an idea about readiness checks and severe weather events.  If you join us during a severe weather net take time to listen to what is going on.  Should we call for someone in your area please answer and let us know that you’re new or not trained.  We’ll do our best to help you describe what’s happening in your area.

Do you need to be a member of COSWN to participate during severe weather nets?  No it’s not necessary to be a member of COSWN to participate in any of our nets.  Because we cover a large area trained spotters from other areas travel through and often provide important information during severe weather.  We do have expenses and depend on membership fees and donations to pay the bills.  If you can help we appreciate it.


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